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The Use of Primary and Secondary Contactors in Electric Immersion Heating Systems Application 
Electric immersion heaters are typically connected in a temperature control box to an electro-mechanical contactor. There is a set of three screws or lugs (depending on the wire size) on the top for the power, and an opposing set on the bottom for the heater connection. More...

Product Information for Liquid Level Controls

Product Sheet for different Liquid Level Control Models (L-600 Series, L-600 MR)

Liquid Level Sensor Page

Product Sheet for Liquid Level Sensors with detailed information

Quick Chart for heat up time max 3 kW

Quick Chart for heat up time max 10 kW

Quick Chart for heat up time max 36 kW

Quick Chart for heat up time max 60 kW

Quick Chart required power for 4 hour heat up time

Quick charts to determine required power for 4 to 6 hour heat up time - from 3 kW to 60 kW

Solution Chemical Chart

A guideline to select an immersion heater sheath material for direct heating of corrosive materials.

Temperature Conversion Chart

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.



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