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NADCAP compliant Temperature Controls

  • NADCAP compliant control system for metal finishing
  • Custom Control system for 150 amp to control two heaters at 36kw480v3 phase each in a Nema four control unit
  • M25 Temperature Control with liquid level controls
  • Digitial Readout Control System in corrosion resistance closure with the timer
  • Digital readout temperature control M45 for immersion heaters
  • Digital readout temperature for metal finishing tanks
  • Stainless counterflow rinse tank with controls
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Higher demands on accurate process temperature controls in plating tanks, documentation (example NADCAP and AMS 2750E compliance) and safety concerns require the use of digital temperature controls. Metal finishing tanks with old style gas filled capillary assemblies for temperature control lack the accuracy (+/- 5degF) and safety (they can fail in closed position) required.

The temperature controller receives inputs from a temperature sensor (example: "J-Type" thermocouple) or RTD. The display of the digital temperature controller can be up to 100ft away from the metal finishing tank. If the controller is connected to a RS-485 communication system, operators can control, monitor and record the temperature settings from a remote location.

Save operation of a plating or rinse tank includes the installation of a liquid level control. Integrating this safety device into the digital temperature control terminal box is economic and improves operational safety. This additional safety device can have an impact on your insurance policy. (all types of immersion heaters for all metal finishing applications)

We offer simple digital temperature controllers (M25) featuring on/off controls without PID loops. Metal finishing tanks with accurate temperature control (examples: electroless Nickel plating, Watts-Nickel plating, Rodium plating, Palladium plating, Gold plating, anodizing, hardchrome plating) require temperature control with PID control loops (M43) for ramp and soak. In hardchrome plating tanks, the chemical solution needs to be heated and cooled to stay within 1-3 degF of the setpoint.

We offer digital temperature controls in various configurations:

  1. Basic digital temperature control (with or without PID control)
  2. Digital temperature control with liquid level control (with or without PID control)
  3. Digital temperature control with liquid level control and manual reset (with or without PID control)
  4. Digital temperature control with PID control and RS 485 communication port for data logging to meet NADCAP requirements
  5. Digital temperature control with PID control, RS 485 communication port for data logging and buffered memory to meet NADCAP and AMS 2750E requirements.
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