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Liquid Level Controls L-600 Series for Metal Finishing Tanks

L-600 Series

L-600 Series - Is a 2 prong level safety device. As the current is passed between the probes (12VAC), the circuit remains closed. In the absences of liquid around the probes no current passes and the unit de-energizes. These are ideal when used with control circuits in electric immersion heaters applications.


  • Maintenance friendly
  • Our level safety devices removes the power to the heater before the cutoff device. This reduces the chance of the hot zone of the heater stressing the plastic tank or tank lining after reaching the hot zone and generating enough heat to open the circuit.

The L-600 Series will re-energize the circuit when solution touches the probes. The L-600 Series comes in a 120 v input version ( L-600 Complete) and a 240 v version ( L-650 Complete).

We manufacture them standard with a set of two 12 inch long titanium probes and 10 feet lead wire. Other materials are available such as 316 SS, hastelloy, tantalum, and graphite prongs for fluoride solutions upon request.

Check our chemical resistance chart for compatibility.

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