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Liquid Level Controls L-600 MR Series for Metal Finishing Tanks

L-600 MR Series

L-600 MR ( Manual Reset) Series - Is a 2 prong level safety device like the l-600 series, above. The MR version has an additional Manual Reset circuit. This DOES NOT allow the circuit to automatically reset. These are ideal when used with control circuits with electric immersion heaters.


  • Maintenance friendly
  • It can be connected to a primary contactor circuit, ahead of the heater contactor in event the heater contactors points weld close, the primary contactor will open when the level falls. The primary contactor closes once per day where the heater contactor may close much more frequently depending on your control system.

The L-600 MR Series comes in a 120 v input version ( L-600MR Complete) and a 240 v version ( L-650 MR Complete)

We manufacture them standard with a set of two 12 inch long titanium probes and 10 feet lead wire. Other materials are available such as 316 SS, hastelloy, tantalum, and graphite for fluoride solutions upon request.

A few words of caution...

These are not designed to be used in flammable liquids. When using poly pro fume suppressing balls a guard around the probes will be necessary to keep the ball from touching the probes when the solution drops, giving a false operating condition.

Remove, clean, and check the probes weekly for safe operation.

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