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gas fired envelope kiln with ceramic fiber lining
Gas fired envelope kiln with ceramic fiber lining
gas fired shuttle kiln for refiring sanitary ware
Gas fired shuttle kiln for refiring sanitary ware

Ceramic Fiber Fabrication KMI

In 2002 Keith Company acquired thirty-year-old KMI Refractories, a full service stocking distributor of refractory products, refractory contractor for tear-out and installation of refractory materials, and fabricator of custom fire modules and insulating panels.

The addition of KMI to the Keith Company family meant a new significant stream of revenue and profitability. In the time since KMI’s acquisition, Keith has become a major stocking distributor for Thermal Ceramics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refractory materials.

The range of projects successfully completed by the KMI brand includes replacing rocket launch pads at Vandenberg Air Force base, as well as the refractory inside large reverb furnaces, boiler doors, car shuttle and tunnel kilns, and regenerative thermal oxidizers just to name a few.

Coupling KMI’s stocking distribution talents with Keith Company’s unique ability to provide certified material, such as those required by commercial aircraft and aerospace companies has proven to be a powerful alliance for many clients that is not available elsewhere. Like Keith, KMI’s staff is renowned as a friendly and knowledgeable team of process-heating professionals who are eager to be of service and Keith Company consides itself quite fortunate to be able to call KMI a part of the Keith family.


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