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Hot Oil Reflow System

  • Hot oil reflow system Dual
  • Hot oil reflow system 36 x 26
  • Hot Oil Reflow System 20x20
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The Titan Industrial Heating Systems Hot Oil tin reflow pots have been the standard in the industry for over 30 years.

Advantages of tin reflowing with oil:

  • Its ability to reflow large ground planes on multilayer printed circuit boards without de-laminating the board.
  • Unlike infrared, hot oil flows through the holes of the printed circuit boards, lessening the chance of “barrel cracking”. The end result is a smoother finish.
  • Hot oil is more “forgiving” than infrared; this allows dipping the board a second time without fear.
  • It is unnecessary to run 3, 5, 8 or 10 boards to be sure the reflowing is coming out as expected.

To get the best results when tin reflowing, it is recommended that you use a preheat cycle prior to reflowing and post-heat after reflowing.

This process will lessen the chance of barrel cracking and delamination of the printed circuit board.

Proheco Hot Oil Reflow Systems are available in the following processing sequence:

  • Flux/Reflow
  • Flux/Pre-Heat/Reflow
  • Flux/Pre-heat/Reflow/Post-Heat
  • Flux/Pre-heat/Reflow/Post-Heat/Quench/Rinse

Standard Equipment:

  • The standard single pots have the following standard features:
  • All stainless steel construction; this includes the legs, skin, pot, hood and fume filters.
  • 240 volts 3 phase is standard. 240 volts 1 phase is available on the 240 volt 6” deep pots only.
  • Digital readout control with type J thermocouple sensing
  • Manual reset control
  • Hi-limit control for thermal lag protection
  • Dual contactors
  • Fusible safety link
  • Stainless steel hinged lid
  • Reflow tongs (1) pair

Optional Equipment:

  • Fire extinguishing system built in
  • Smog hog brand air cleaning system
  • Hour meter with normally closed solenold to total the number of hours the oil is used. This also includes another thermostat.
  • Automatic timer shut off with key lock reset
  • 208 volts 3 phase
  • 480 volts 3 phase
  • Reflow racks for reflowing more than one board at a time (for use only with the 12”, 18” and 24 deep pots)
  • Nema 12 fused disconnect enclosure
  • Stainless Steel ball valve for drainage
  • Stainless Steel cabinet with one shelf
  • Extra reflow tongs
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