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Benchtop Furnace
Box kiln built by CFF
Box furnace for composites
Box furnace for composites

CFF Kilns and Furnaces

Ceramic Fiber Fabrication (CFF) designed and built high temperature kilns, lehrs and ovens for the glass, traditional ceramics and decorating industries. After building several hundred units and serving these industries for nearly thirty years, CFF merged with Keith Company in 1997.

Hundreds of CFF kilns are used daily by companies nationally. Acquisition of CFF allowed Keith Company to capture additional markets with additional revenue streams while the rest of the National economy was in a state of downturn.

At the heart of CFF kilns was a unique ceramic fiber insulation system. In fact, CFF pioneered many of the first successful kiln linings of ceramic fiber. This unique construction has the advantage of low heat storage and precise temperature control under fast changing heating and cooling cycles. Ceramic fiber has the same composition of minerals that make up fire brick, mortars and refractory products. Ceramic fiber is alumina silica composition melted and blown into fibers.

Ceramic fiber has many features that make it a fantastic material to use for high temperature furnaces and kilns, but it also has drawbacks such a being fragile at high temperatures, will not support weight, is suspect to mechanical damage and will shrink excessively if over fired. Keith Company is there for offering different types of linings (like brick) adapted to your application.



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