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Hot Oil Reflow System / Burners

We build ovens from bench top ovens, horizontal cross flow ovens, and blow from both sides and return in the middle, for more than 30 years. Temperature and Air flow are the most critical part of the oven. The Bench oven is a +- 25 F type of oven. Usually for heating metal frames and non critical parts. The horizontal flow oven is a great design for large racks with suspended parts. On the oven where both sides and roof return are used, higher parts weights and higher circulation rates are needed. The circulation rate depends on the product.

Example; A powder coating oven usually has a rate of 7 returns a minute. Where as a hydrogen embrittlement oven baking air craft part needs 20-30 air changes per minute to maintain the exacting temperature required.

If you are doing technical coated parts, HEPA filters may be required on the inlet air. We also have a list of options. Stainless interior, all welded interior, double doors, pass thru doors, automatic opening doors, auto closing doors and Vertical doors. Control enclosures with disconnects, timers for starting up, timers for counting down timers for counting up and timers to delay off. Digital controls to control the batch heating of the oven or controls for sensing the temperature of each individual part in the oven and data logging the results.

All are built to comply with the National Fire Protection Association Guide 86 and NBFU 86.

All our electric element ovens have usually a 96 hour turn around service. If your elements fail, you can get them rewound in less than 96 hours (with an expediting fee).

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