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Bottom Drop Furnace with quench tanks
Benchtop Hardening Furnace (Keith Company)
Bottom Drop Furnace with quench tanks
Bottom Drop Furnace for Heat Treating Large Aircraft parts
Drop Bottom Furnace for Heat Treating Large Aircraft Parts
Bottom drop furnaces can be heated by electricity or fired by fuel gas. If the aluminum heat treat specification allow direct fuel gas firing, this technology has an economic advantage. If material specification do not allow products of combustion, then electric or indirect fuel gas fired furnaces are the choice. Keith company has built class 1 furnaces according to AMS 2750E process specifications using all these technologies.

For over 20 years, Bottom Drop furnaces (Drop Bottom Furnaces) have been the industry standard to solution heat-treat of aluminum.

AMS 2750E Specifications:
Covers pyrometric requirements for thermal processing equipment used for heat treatment. It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, system accuracy tests and temperature uniformity surveys.

Learn more about 
AMS Specifications (PDF) and more details about Keith Drop Bottom Furnaces (PDF).
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