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Burners Heat Reflow System Immersion Heater Coil Elements               
As a supplier to "mission essential" prime vendors to US government agencies, Titan Industrial Heating Systems will complete all contracts, including all associated support functions.

During COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are operating with limited "essential" staff on site, with most of our engineering and office personnel working remotely.

If you have any questions, concerns, requests for orders or need assistance please send an email to and we will get back to you at our earliest opportunity.
Thank you for your understanding.
Reto Fehr, President

At Titan Industrial Heating Systems we have designed and built custom industrial fluid heating systems for over 30 years. Our specialties include immersion heaters for the metal finishing industry, industrial air heating systems, gas burnershot-oil-reflow systems for printed circuits, control panels for digital temperature readout and liquid level controls on plating tanks, complete ovens for up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (537 degrees Celsius) and serpentine or grid steam coils for heating tanks.

Titan Industrial Heating Systems staff can repair wire wound (aka resistance coil) heating elements for Proheco / Proheatco with original ceramics, metallic heating elements for Recco Furnaces and many other brand products.

Our custom built and designed immersion tank heaters (electric or gas) are mostly used for chemical processing like electroless nickel plating, metal finishing and the printed circuit board processing industries.
One of our specialties are quartz heaters for acid solutions, which work on the same principle as infrared heaters for industrial heating solutions. Other types of heaters include Over-the-side immersion heaters (single or multiple tube design), L-shaped or bottom immersion heaters for better heat distribution, screw-plug or screw-in immersion heaters and Flange immersion heaters. We custom manufacture also portable immersion heaters with integrated temperature controller, small titanium laboratory immersion heaters, immersion heaters for hard chrome plating tanks up to 40ft deep and immersion heaters for waste water evaporation. We also manufacture electrical control cabinets with digital readout temperature controllers and liquid level controls.

The engineers at Titan are experienced in helping you select sheath materials and calculating the correct wattage for your industrial heating application.

Over the years Titan has installed over 2000 hot oil reflow systems for the printed circuit board industry.

Our standard and custom made ovens up to 1000degF are made of welded stainless steel in most cases, with HEPA filters, chart recorder, RS-485 inner facing and SCR controllers. Contact us for higher temperature ovens or for specific application questions.

Titan Industrial Heating engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Pico Rivera, Southern California.                       

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